Thursday, July 11, 2013

Getting Waxing Treatment for Women

A highly stressed situation for women is hirsutism , which also emerged as a common symptom of poly cystic ovarian syndrome . Male hormones such as testosterone are produced in excess , which in turn are responsible for excessive hair growth and can appear on the chest , face , feet , neck and back . However , currently there are several options available for women who want to remove excess hair from the top choice for professional service counter . When searching for a solution one needs to determine what will work best for each method comes with pros and cons . For example a razor to cut the hair on the skin surface and will leave blunt ends . Blunt edges tend to leave visible dark areas , which means we have to shave every day to keep the hair free appearance .

Shaving is a cheap alternative and time-consuming because it must be done regularly can promote ingrown hairs , razor cuts and skin irritation time . On the other hand , waxing is one of the more popular methods to remove unwanted hair . Waxing treatments for women Greater Hunter region is where a layer of wax is applied on the skin surface and then quickly removed , the hair pulling out of the hair shaft . This method of hair removal can be applied at home , but it should be done in a beauty salon . Waxing treatments lasted for about three weeks and are relatively inexpensive . Waxing kits for home use can be difficult to use , and can cause ingrown hair if not applied correctly . Waxing can be painful and is not a permanent solution .

There is also a bleach and depilatory creams are composed of a combination of chemicals that dissolve the hair , while the bleach remove color pigments . This method is easy to use but can cause serious skin irritation and stinging and also time consuming . For permanent hair removal , one can opt for electrolysis in which a small needle is inserted into the hair follicle , and a small electric current is applied to kill the hair follicles . However , dark and thick hair may require multiple treatments to permanently kill the follicle , which usually do not have side effects .

Some women consider electrolysis becomes painful and this method can be very expensive , especially if one needs some treatment . Laser hair treatment is another popular option , which removes the hair for a period of time much longer , although one may experience stinging during the procedure and side effects such as blistering , swelling , redness , or hardening of the skin pigment changes . Laser treatment is also very expensive . Waxing is one of the top preferred method removes unwanted hair .

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