Friday, July 5, 2013

The uniqueness of Shea Butter

One component of the most popular skin care and hair is shea butter . This material has many benefits as it prevents premature aging and wrinkles . This led to soothe the skin and may even help in the treatment of eczema .

This butter is extracted from shea nut tree called but also known by the name karite . Name is different from country to country and growing in African countries nineteen and because of this fact can be also called tree bambukor Galam butter .

Shea nut trees can be found in the Central and West African savanna . It produces fruit after it has been growing for 20-25 years , and only then shea butter can be extracted . In Africa it is called « Tree of Life » because it serves as a means of living for the people of this country . Some parts of the tree are used for food , medicine , cosmetics and of course for sale .

How to use in Africa
Shea butter contains cinamic acid that serves as a natural sunscreen that is why it is used as a protective material that protects from sun and wind . It is also used for medical purposes as a remedy for stomach and headache . Nigeria rub it under the nostrils in order to improve digestion . Many years ago it was used by the rebel group from Uganda , they rubbed their skin with shea butter as a way to stop bullets.Also often used in combination with couscous and taken as food . Nobody comes out of this tree is useless . Everything finds its application . Even when the tree is not feasible and can not be used as a cosmetic ingredient or can not be consumed as food , then applied to the production of wax and lubricants for different purposes . So we see that shea butter is like a panacea . It can be applied in almost every aspect of our lives .

Shea butter is very valuable for women
Many years ago the fact that shea butter can substitute cocoa butter for cosmetics and chocolate are found . This is a great way to save money on materials . He even called « golden for women » , because when extracted gives African women with jobs and higher incomes for women and farmers from the village .

Extraction of shea butter is a long and complicated process . It takes 20-30 hours to extract two pounds , but because it retains all the traditional extraction of valuable and sound quality , which is highly appreciated in the production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals .

Applications in the beauty industry
Shea butter have anti - aging is very effective as green tea , due to the phenolic composition . This butter contains five basic elements , such as phytosterols , vitamin E , D , A , and allantoin . This mix of components help to prevent damage caused by free radicals . It reduces wrinkles , age spots and stimulate collagen production .

Stearic acid and oleic acid content in each plant is different which is why buttery texture may vary . Butter is produced in Uganda and South Sudan is more expensive because it is more difficult to obtain because of a complicated civil . It contains a higher percentage of the liquid portion of shea butter ( which by the way is called olein ) and that is why it is softer and more easily absorbed by the skin . Shea butter comes from the western part contains more vitamin A and more effective in the fight with wrinkles . There are a large number of positive qualities of this butter . It helps to get rid of acne scars , skin allergies , skin dryness and cracking and to reduce psoriasis and dermatitis . It i

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