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Beauty Herbs for Healthy Skin


Mint is an herb energy - improve the cleansing of the heart to provide clearer skin and eyes bright and drink mint tea or chew mint leaves will soothe the body and reduce anxiety .

TIP : For acne prone skin dull just add mint teabags for a shower and a relaxing soak .

Using mint leaves in a steam facial will revive and refresh the skin . Mint also makes a great hair rinse revitalization , also good in the mouthwash and also helps to treat tired legs and sore .


Sage is a wonderful herb to calm the nervous system and increase energy . A powerful antioxidant found in sage can protect the skin from free radicals and slow down the signs of aging . If you suffer from acne , use sage leaves in a steam facial to fully engage herbal antibacterial properties . You can also gargle with sage in a 4-5 placing leaves in a cup of boiling water , cover and infuse for 5 minutes . Once cooled using mouthwash healing flick around your mouth .

TIP : Rub fresh sage leaves over the teeth and gums for whiter teeth and healthier gums .

For normal skin deep cleaning try this nutritious mask weekly :

* Some sage leaves chopped
* 1 chopped apple
* 2 tablespoons honey

Use a blender to mix the ingredients and apply to the skin and leave for 15 minutes , then rinse with warm water .


Calendula helps to eliminate toxins from the liver thus promotes , healthy glowing skin . You can eat the leaves and flowers raw in salads and rice or drinking hot infusion to increase blood flow and help the body eliminate toxins through the skin . Infusion of the petals to make a simple face wash to help reduce pores and clear acne or facial steam added to the petals . To lighten blonde hair rinse your keys in the petals or using intravenous infusion to soothe tired feet in the foot bath .

TIP : skin creams and facial wash that contains extracts of calendula may help to soothe inflamed skin and a sensitive .


Natural skin care products often use chamomile for its softening , smoothing and healing properties . Camomile tea makes the body sweat which helps in flushing out toxins from the body , leaving your skin clearer and brighter . Put camomile in steam facials to treat spots or rinse your face with an infusion of camomile to soothe , heal and prevent acne scarring . Using camomile tea bags in the bath will soften and sooth irritated skin . If you have blond locks , try rinsing your hair with chamomile infusion to lighten and add shine to your hair .

If you have sensitive skin cleansing milk lotion try using this :

* Fresh or dried chamomile flowers
* Milk

Place the flower and milk in a saucepan and warm gently over low heat for 15 minutes .
Let stand for one hour , then strain through a sieve .
Store in the refrigerator until the tone of the week


Adding herbs to the steam facial beauty make powerful booster .

Herbal steams are simple and sweet way to cleanse the skin . They help to open the pores , remove impurities and improve circulation to leave the complex luminous .

In a bowl , cover fresh or dried herbs in boiling water .
Lean over the bowl for ten minutes , with the head and the bowl covered by a towel .
Then pat your face dry and apply on refreshing toner to close pores .
Use once a week for oily skin , dry skin is more rare for - do not steam your face if you have thread veins .


One of my favorite herb is rosemary . It is great to clean and brighten skin tone , improve digestion is slow , speed up the elimination of waste and increase the absorption of nutrients . Rosemary is a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent the skin from damage and slow the aging process . Use fresh or dried leaves in a steam facial to improve blood flow or using an infusion of rosemary for dark hair to make it shine and reduce scalp irritation .

Hair Mask rosemary

* Fresh rosemary leaves
* Almond Oil

Steep the leaves in oil for two weeks .
Filter oil then warmed gently in a cup of hot water .
Apply to the roots , comb , wrap your head with a warm towel for 15 minutes , then wash as usual .

TIP : Wait for a bunch of rosemary under water for a refreshing shower to rev up before a night out


Lavender balance , purify and soothe the skin , and facilitates the spirit . Lavender vinegar balances excessive oily secretions , helping to ward off spots - used as a toner after cleansing . Using lavender in a steam facial will help to heal the skin . Lavender water helps to relieve sunburn and soothing cleanser . Try a face mask below .

* A handful of lavender flowers
* One egg yolk for dry skin or 1 egg white taken for oily skin
* Cup cream

Mix all ingredients together with a spoon .
Apply on face , leave for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water .

TIP : Drink hot lavender infusion to eliminate toxins and brighten skin .


Face packs help to cleanse , nourish and refresh the skin for all skin types but you should choose the one that is right for your skin needs . The above lavender mask is suitable for dry or oily skin once adapted accordingly. Be sure to clean the skin first using a soft muslin cloth to exfoliate , pat your face dry . Then if your face is very dry , smooth on a little almond oil to protect it . Apply the mask and leave it to work its magic for 10-15 minutes . Rinse with cold water or warm water but never really cold because it can make the skin contract and feels tight . Finish with your favorite herbal moisturizer , let the rest of your face without makeup the next few hours or overnight .


Herbal infusions using the soft parts of plants - flowers , leaves and thin stems . Decoctions using the woody parts - stems , bark , roots , fruits and seeds , which need more heat to release their healing powers .


Put 50g 25g dried herbs or fresh herbs into a teapot . Pour 600 ml of boiling water into the teapot , cover and allow up to 10 minutes . Strain and drink hot or cold or use in beauty treatments , such as facial toners and hair rinses . Store in the refrigerator for 48 hours .


Pound , crushing and bruising seasoning , then simmer with water in steel or enamelled pan for 10 minutes . You will need 600 ml of water to 25g herb . Strain and use for infusion .

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