Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Benefits of Using Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that has natural antifungal , antibacterial , antiviral , and anti - inflammatory . It is used to improve the skin and other conditions such as sinusitis , tonsillitis , bronchitis , and viral or bacterial infection .

Tea tree oil reduces various hair related conditions including : dandruff , cradle cap , baldness , psoriasis , and ticks . It is also said to prevent hair loss and to promote hair growth effectively . It can not help but grow new hair antiseptic properties that can unclog clogged pores in the scalp to promote hair growth . In addition , the oil helps eliminate the build up resulting from the use of products or minerals from tap water .

This oil is often used to make a tea tree shampoo as heal scalp irritations and infections . You can also apply a few drops of tea tree oil to your favorite shampoo once or twice a week to clarify the hair and scalp . Simply apply , then massage on the scalp to the ends of the hair and rinse .

Tea tree oil is sometimes added to the mix of pre - shampoo to relieve itchy dry scalp . Add tea tree oil to light oil , such as olive oil , and apply it on the scalp before shampooing at least 20 . This oil is often mixed with oil as a moisturizer and hair treatments to help hair growth . The mixture is applied to the scalp and massage oil blend remaining entry on the scalp overnight before shampooing in the morning . There are a number of forums growth of hair with various " support growth " recipe .

Other uses for tea tree oil include : acne , minor cuts , bug bites , athlete's foot , and fever blisters .

The author has used tree oil for so many things over the last few years . This oil has been used to help acne . When acne appears on the skin , you can simply apply a Q - tip with oil and place it on the infected area . Allow the oil to soak and rinse the affected area . In one or two days acne gone and no scare .

Bug bite relief is another common use for tea tree . First , wash the area with warm soapy water . Allow the area to air dry . Do not rub or pat . This can damage the skin and cause irritation greater when the oil is applied . Once the area is completely dry , put a small amount of oil on a cotton ball and press in the area for a few seconds . In a short time , the itching stopped .

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