Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hair Loss Cure For Men

For any man who has thinning hair or male pattern baldness, there really is hope out there. There are a variety of ways to stop hair loss, increase hair density and in some cases, completely cure hair loss. Unless you suffer from Universal Alopecia, any or all of the following treatments could work for you, bringing back your hair as well as your self confidence. Before starting any new health regimen, you must see a hair specialist or at least your general practitioner.


One hair loss cure for men might be found in just a change in shampoo. Most drug stores have shampoos that help unclog pores but none of those are clinically proven to help. If you would like to stay away from shampoo additives make sure that your shampoo has a pH of 5 to 5.5. If you don't know what pH you shampoo is, most salons or beauty supply stores can help you pick the right one since most shampoos do not state their pH on the bottle. The downside is that neither of the shampoos increase follicle size, blood flow and there is no timeline as to when and if you will see results.


Finasteride is an excellent medication for hair loss, but 10% of men do experience sexual side effects. If you experience any of these effects, you can cut back on the medication to two or three times a week. You won't have the same results, but you will prevent current hair loss and will worry less about the side effects. The other medication mentioned early, Minoxidil, can also cause hair growth in other parts of the body, so you may notice more hair in places other than your head.

Topical Treatments

Minoxidil comes in a wide variety of ways to apply it including mousses, sprays and oils. Kirkland offers a mousse that doesn't make your hair look crusty or hard, it comes in a six month supply and it not very expensive. It does contain some alcohol, so be sure to use a conditioner every day too keep your hair from breaking and making it look thinner.

Laser Treatments

Laser therapy can increase circulation causing hair growth, has no side effects and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Many lasers resemble hair brushes or curling irons, but one of the most modern models is the Bio Hair Treatment system which covers the entire scalp and also combines vibration. It is a lot less work than having to use a brush style model and waving it over your head for 30 minutes and can be combined with their line of topical treatments as well, none of which produce any side effects. The two topical treatments are made up of a scalp cleanser and a restoration oil, the oil having a clinically proven ingredient that promotes hair growth.

Hair Transplants

The most drastic hair loss cure for men is a hair transplant. There are two methods, FUT, which is cheaper, but you have a strip of scalp cut out and then each hair follicle reinserted into the desired area. The second method is much more enjoyable and virtually painless: the FUE technique. A small punch, measuring less than one millimeter is used to take out each follicle one by one and then they are reinserted in the same way as FUT, but with no pain and no scar.

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