Thursday, July 4, 2013

5 New Trends Hair For Men

Yes , it's true . Laser hair removal is no longer just for women anymore . Nowadays , more and more people get laser hair removal to permanently get rid of unwanted hair .

In fact , not only Laser hair removal is that men get . There also has been an increase in the number of men getting cosmetic procedures non - invasive such as Botox , Dermal Fillers ( Juvederm , Belotero , etc. ) , CoolSculpting and Ultherapy . Overall, men pay more attention to how they look and become more comfortable with using cosmetic treatments to take care of themselves .

Traditionally , people used only occasionally that are looking for a solution to get rid of the hair on the chest or back will be looking for laser hair removal . Now the people who opt for laser treatment to remove unwanted hair on any area of ​​their body . Some even decided to get the whole body hair removal , which is the best machine can be done in less than an hour .

Unlike waxing , electrolysis , depilatory creams and laser hair removal has little or no pain with the latest machinery . It is also the only way to remove unwanted hair in which the results are permanent .

The new area of Laser Hair Removal for Men

1 . beard

Laser hair removal for mens beard styles ' is the hottest new trend lately . Men use laser hair removal to permanently eliminate stray hairs on their face so that they can maintain a neat and thin beard . Laser eliminates the trouble of shaving the right areas of the face to keep the beard well groomed and shaped . It can also help treat ingrown hairs .

2 . Boyzilians

The ' Boyzilian ' is a male version of the popular girls ' Brazil ' , and involves removing all the hair in the genital area . Boyzilian quickly becoming the ultimate in manscaping . Benefits of there hair care for men including improved hygiene , smell , and ingrown hairs as sweaty body hair growth promoting bacteria . Not to mention the result compared with the smooth shave without itching .

3 . brow

Let's face it , nobody likes excessive hair growth in between the eyebrows . Getting rid of the dreaded ' uni - brow ' is not only time consuming , but can also be very painful . Laser hair removal has become a very good choice for many men who want to get rid of the union permanently - their eyebrows . There can be a significant reduction in hair between the eyebrows in men after only 2-3 treatments . It is also much more painful than waxing or tweezing . Many men have started to pay more attention to the shape of their eyebrows , and this is a great way to get rid of those stray eyebrow hair for good .

4 . armpit

Men are now beginning to realize that the hairy armpits not only look better , but they are also much more comfortable than hairy armpits . Gone are annoyed at having to shave armpits several times per week , along with stinging and itching that comes with it . Laser hair removal of armpit to men also can reduce sweating and odor that you have with hairy armpits . Goodbye sweat stains !

5 . Knuckles

Hair on the knuckles can be very difficult to shave or wax . Plus , stumps that appear as hair grows back just looks odd to anyone notices it . The state-of - the-art laser machine comes with small tips are ideal for areas such as hair removal right knuckles . This makes the process easy and painless .

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