Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hair Loss Cure For Men

For every person who has thinning hair or male pattern baldness , there is hope out there . There are various ways to stop hair loss , improve hair density and in some cases , actually cure hair loss . Unless you suffer from Alopecia Universal , one or all of the following treatments may work for you , bring back your hair and your confidence . Before starting any new health regimen , you should see a hair specialist , or at least your GP .


One hair loss remedy for men might be found only in a change of shampoo . Most drug stores have a shampoo that helps unclog pores but none of them are clinically proven to help . If you want to stay away from shampoo additives ensure that your shampoo has a pH of 5-5.5 . If you do not know what your pH shampoo , most salons or beauty supply store can help you choose the right because most shampoos do not declare their pH in the bottle . The downside is that none of the shampoos increase follicle size , blood flow , and there is no time when and if you will see results .


Finasteride is an excellent remedy for hair loss , but 10 % of men experience sexual side effects . If you experience any of these effects , you can cut back on the medication for two or three times a week . You will not have the same results , but you will prevent hair loss at this time and will be less worried about the side effects . Other drugs mentioned in the beginning , Minoxidil , can also cause hair growth on other parts of the body , so you may notice more hair in places other than your head .

topical treatment

Minoxidil comes in a variety of ways to implement it , including mousse , sprays and oils . Kirkland offers a mousse that does not make your hair look dry or hard , it comes in a six -month supply and not very expensive . It contains some alcohol , so be sure to use a conditioner every day also keeps your hair from breaking and make it look thinner .

Laser Treatment

Laser therapy can improve circulation cause hair growth , has no side effects and can be done in the comfort of your own home . Many resemble laser hair brush or curling irons , but one of the most modern models are Bio Hair Treatment system which covers the entire scalp and also incorporate vibration . It is far less work than having to use a brush style models and waved over your head for 30 minutes and can be combined with their line of topical treatments as well , which produces no side effects . Both topical treatment consists of cleansing the scalp and oil restoration , oil has been clinically proven ingredients that promote hair growth .

hair Transplant

The most drastic remedy for male hair loss is hair transplantation . There are two methods , FUT , which is cheaper , but you have a strip of scalp is cut and then each hair follicle is put back into the desired area . The second method is much more fun and virtually painless : FUE technique . A small punch , measuring less than one millimeter are used to take each one follicle at a time , and then they put it back in the same way as FUT , but with no pain and no scars .

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I think hair loss treatment via hair transplant is the best way out for hair loss cure for men.