Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hair Loss Solutions for Men

Hair loss according to Wikipedia is the loss of hair from the head or body . It can also be referred to as baldness .

Losing one's hair is far from a modern concern , but premature balding , said trichologists has turned into more of a trend than rare . And the way we live our lives has more to do with it than genes or plain bad luck .

It's official . Men inching towards baldness as early as their 20s , and it is a leap of generations of our ancestors ' were hoping to get into the 40s with a full crop of hair .

In this era , there are many things that can cause a man to lose his hair begin suddenly : The Swedish specialist Dr. Fred Zuli hair and Italian scientist Dr. Falvio Ferrari , who was in Mumbai for a discussion of the technological growth of the hair , put four enemy : stress , crime , pollution and poor nutrition .

1 . Stress : Reacting to the incidents of mental stress or extreme physical , body hair usually sheds after a gap of three months . For example , when someone loses a loved one , or one is taking care of elderly parents , physical and emotional stress a person experiences hair loss results . Dr. Ferrari right place blame stress .

Each simple lifestyle changes that affect the body as not eating at maturity , stress in the workplace that will have untold impact on the strands of hair and you know that hair is made of mineral .

2 . Male Hormone - Male Pattern Baldness : male pattern baldness ( MPB ) form of androgenetic alopecia accounts for more than 95 % of hair loss in men . At age 35 , two - thirds of American men will have some degree of hair loss is enough and at the age of 60 about 85 % of the males were significantly thinning hair . Approximately 25 % of men who suffer from male pattern baldness begin the painful process before they reach 21 .

3 . Vices : There are several styles of life and the practice of some people enjoy that causes them to lose hair . For example , Heat and Hot oil treatments or chemicals weaken the hair and so you know that most men who have a habit of styling their hair on a regular basis ( as you can see most of the wrestlers ) falling victim to hair loss . Dr. Shah also said that the indiscriminate use of oral contraceptives can cause hormonal imbalances in the long run because the run run , it leads to hair loss .

4 . Malnutrition : A low-protein diet forces your body to store protein available for other purposes , such as rebuilding cells , thus eliminating the hair .

With all said and done , your hair can never be lost forever . If my father , which is over 70 years old can get a solution for hair loss . Then , you also can smile again . He has a secret to reclaim back his hair loss here

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