Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hair Transplant in Women

Baldness associated with the male . Unfortunately , women also suffer from it . Baldness in women related to hormonal changes resulting from pregnancy , menopause , and other life changes . Just as in men , hair loss in women occurs in cycles . Women will notice mild hair thinning to clear baldness ensues .

Because it is devastating for women to be bald , it is important to fix the problem while in the early stages . There are two main ways that women can improve conditions : using the standard drugs that make hair grow , and undergo a hair transplant .

The use of standard drugs to restore bald is not recommended in women . This is because there are few studies that have been conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of the drug in women . Because of this , the best way for women to restore bald is to undergo hair transplantation .

Is a hair transplant ?

It is a surgical procedure where hair is harvested from the head area where there is sufficient hair growth and hair are transplanted to the bald area .

In men , the hair is harvested in the back of the head and transplanted to the front . Hair transplantation in women is different . This is because women do not experience the local bald , balding in women spread where women lose hair in different areas of the head .

Because of this , it becomes difficult for the surgeon to have a special area for harvest of hair , therefore , the surgeon harvests hair on any part of the head as long as the area has a high density of hair .

Once the surgeon has identified the area of ​​the head that has pretty hair , he transplanted follicle transplant is enough to fill your head . Once the surgeon has transplanted hair , transplanted hair mimics your natural hair . Because of this , it is difficult for anyone to know that you have had surgery .

Women are ideal for hair transplant

This procedure is not ideal for every woman . There are some women who are balding problems can not be solved with the procedure . In this case , it is the doctor's responsibility to decide who undergo the procedure and who is not . In most cases , women who undergo the procedure can include :

They experienced a diffuse bald . Diffuse is a type of balding Balding is not limited to the top of the scalp . In this case , be bald on top , on the sides and at the back of the head . If you have diffuse hair loss , the hair can be harvested in an area where there are a lot of hair growth and hair are transplanted to the bald area .

The other woman is a procedure that is ideal for those who have high hairlines . According to the study , women with high hairlines usually have a stable pattern of hair growth . Also , these women have a strong supply of donor hair that can be transplanted .

The female end of the procedure is ideal for those who have thinning hair around the crown or in the middle region of the scalp .